Trá Coffee Roasters

Tom set up the Trá business in 2018 and managed the business part time until his retirement from the Irish Army in 2019. Since then he has grown the business such that he partners with local coffee shops in Tramore where he roasts coffee exclusively for them. 

Tom's job took him all around the world and he always enjoyed sampling all the various coffees wherever he was, be it in Lebanon, Liberia or Chad. He grew more and more interested in the coffees he was drinking and started studying the different characteristics of each coffee and the natural next step for him was to explore whether he could source and roast his own beans. 

Tom brings his keen eye to the process and attention to detail in his selection of beans and his roasting technique. We hope you enjoy the coffee that he expertly roasts and we hope that wherever you are enjoying our coffee you get that feeling of intense freshness that you get when you walk on the beach on a cool windy day.

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