Three Hills Soap - Eucalyptus Mint

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Feel the difference of nature’s best with Organic Shea Butter packed into a nourishing bar of soap. 

  • NO Artificial Colours or Fragrances

  • NO Harsh Chemicals

  • NO Parabens

  • NO Detergents (SLS/SLES)

  • NO Alcohol

  • NO Petrochemicals

  • Palm Oil Free


Three Hills Soap - Eucalyptus Mint Soap

A refreshing and exfoliating hand and body soap

Two scents become one fragrant delight in this fresh minty handmade, natural soap.

100% pure fresh Eucalyptus Radiata oil is meeting with a minty, warm spearmint essential oil and that’s it!


Eucalyptus Mint soap has many amazing benefits for your skin:

  • It works for troubled, oily and combination skin.

  • This soap bar is great for helping clearing sinuses.

  • Contains ground rosehip to exfoliate your skin.

  • Spearmint essential oil has a stimulating action that can help to relieve fatigue.

  • Australian eucalyptus will energise and renew you and at the same time.

  • Eucalyptus is a terrific essential oil known for its natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties.


Full of natural ingredients

Comes in an eco-friendly brown paper cigar band, which is completely recyclable and is fastened with a seal which is made from cellulose and is fully biodegradable and compostable.

Being handmade and totally natural, these soaps vary a little in size and colour from bar to bar and batch to batch.