Polly & Andy

Our Story: Andy is the centre of Polly’s world. His comfort and well-being has been her priority since the day he was born. There was a time when Andy wasn’t fully able to communicate how he felt and what he needed, or when something didn't feel right for him. The first layer of clothes on our kid’s skin is so important.

All it takes is a scratchy label, an irritating seam, or rough texture against soft skin, to cause discomfort. And when a child can’t tell you what’s wrong, discomfort can become distress. After a lot of research, trial and error Polly knew bamboo socks with a seamless toe was the way forward.

The range has expanded to include adult sizes, knee highs, ankle socks and soft tops. Catering for baby sizes and up to UK Adult 13.

Watch out for something very special coming in 2022

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