Sassy Jac

Jac Sinnott is the artist behind Sassy Jac. Sassy Jac is a collection of art prints, cards and homewares with sass.

Whilst she has always had a creative side, Jac first started creating in this way, in Spring 2019. She felt really empowered campaigning for Repeal in 2018 where she got used to using her voice and not being afraid to speak her mind so began directing some of those messages on homewares! 

Jac used a sharpie to draw on plates for her own kitchen gallery wall while she was doing a DIY revamp. The pots and plates she created got a huge response on social media so she was encouraged by some wonderful people to take her wares to market and a few winding roads led her to being one of the cc creatives family. 

Jac is a feminist creative. Never meeting a profanity she didn't like, she believes in expressing your full authentic self with absolutely no apologies for showing vulnerability or heart. She is passionate about books, intersectional feminism, social justice, her family, music, art and loving yourself.

Her work truly reflects all of these things.

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