Phat Poly

Kayleigh has always been drawn to fun and colourful earrings and unable to find anything she liked locally, set out to make some distinctive earrings just for herself. After months of research and practice, she soon had an empire of earrings that needed to be shared with the world.

Phat Poly's Collections are excitingly colourful and eye catching. Her earrings can be worn by sensitive of ears as they are extremely lightweight, hypoallergenic and very comfortable to wear – something that is very important to her brand.

Every pair is lovingly handcrafted by Kayleigh in Waterford. Each piece is molded, textured, sanded, drilled and then finally assembled all by hand.

Kayleigh love's creating pieces that showcase your individual personality: 
"Putting on a pair of earrings gives me an extra confidence boost throughout the day. They just add the finishing touch to any outfit - even if you're just working from home in pyjamas!!"
They are perfect for any special occasion or to compliment your individual daily style.

You got this girl - Be bold, be fashionable, BE YOU...
because no one else in this world can be.

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