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Fabulously sweet & tasty Vegan Sweet Company, thought of, imagined, created and 100% run and operated by two Irish brothers.


Their Story

We are Harry & Jack Foy, the "bosses" here at Treat Yo Self! 

During lockdown in mid 2020, we decided we wanted to do something different, learn something new and earn some money! We love gaming and wanted to get a Gaming PC - and this is where the whole journey began! 

As a plant based family, Mam and Dad were always on the lookout for yummy treats, which can be hard to find! Vegan jellies are the best, and our favourite. They are super high quality sweets not like the hard, gelatine filled cheap sweets you get in shops and supermarkets. We had tasted the good stuff and once you do too, you will never look back...

We have watched our Mam & Dad work hard to provide for us over the years and we help out whenever we can and when we came up with this idea and it wasn't long before it came to life.

We wanted to bring the best vegan sweets and treats to Ireland and sell them online in a kind, compassionate and eco friendly way. 

We needed investors, mentors and parental consent.

Check... Check and.... Check! 

So with money in the bank (thanks Mam & Dad), mentors on the ready (the rents again) and their 100% support we got to work.. 

We have been part of every aspect of the business from concept to creation - we are really proud of how far we have come, our values and our vision. 

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